Loving your puppy is not only a pastime but your passion. People are fond of their cute, little puppies due to their innocence, playfulness and loyalty. Showing your puppy that you care for it is easy – simply give your pet a lovely puppy starter kit from a top brand. The kit would always keep it happy and engaged. But, have you given this a thought – what could be the essential items in a standard puppy starter kit? There are seven fundamental things that you should consider when thinking about a nice starter kit for your beloved puppy.

Designer Collar

You need to buy a colorful collar for your puppy, with a durable leash. In fact, these are arguably the most important elements of a starter kit, especially when you take your puppy for a walk outdoors. It is for its own safety. You can control its movement in the neighborhood. Also, it looks quite merry with these items.

Food / Water Bowls

Yet to buy a bowl for your puppy? If not, then you should immediately place your order at a reliable online store. There are plenty of choices in puppy food bowls and water bowls that you would get. The patterns and shapes are intriguing. Your puppy, too, would love to have its meal from these bowls. Feeding your puppy in a bowl is also a part of dog training.

Travel Food Bowl

This should not be confused with the usual food bowl. As the name suggests, the bowl is exclusively used when you are traveling with your puppy. Obviously, you have to take some nutritious food for the pet. The bowl has a lid that protects the food from spilling over when you are carrying. It also keeps the freshness of the food intact.

Paper Towels

A standard puppy kit is incomplete without paper towels that are absorbent in nature. You need to buy this to enrich the collection. The towels are very handy if you want to keep your puppy tidy and maintain hygiene.

Poop Bags

You need to purchase a lot of these things. The puppy has poops each day, sometimes twice each day. You should be prepared for it, with tons of disposable poop bags.


In order to bathe your puppy, you should buy cleaners that don’t have harmful chemicals.

A Play Pen

You must buy this to provide an exclusive arena for your puppy.

Buy an Attractive Puppy Starter Kit

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